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Going for a picnic

To be honest there is absolutely no memory associated with this photo. I can only assume that Sister Caswell is the one holding the camera, although she has no memory of ever being there.

Pupil Midwives

Pupil midwives had to do ten deliveries in the hospital and ten deliveries in the district. They were all from the Simpson.

Joan Bailey

Was a good midwife, she was based purely at South House. She eventually became a Health Visitor and was a JP in Carlisle. Her father (Ron) and his wife were colporteur. Ron was a lovely man, a real gentleman. They lived in London and Sister Caswell used to visit frequently when she was working in Thornton Heath and used to visit with Joan when they worked together in Edinburgh.

Rosemary Ralphs

Was based at Connington District. When Sister Caswell was working abroad she went to be a Health Visitor, District Nurse and District Midwife on the West Coast of Scotland. One winter her car came off the road and went into a rive, it was only by chance that a lorry driver saw her and rescued her. Tragically her back was broken and she did not survive for long afterwards.