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Qualified Midwife

This photo is of Sister Caswell (abt 1962), now qualified as a midwife following training at ‘The Simpson’ (Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavillion) in Edinburgh. She is stood outside the midwives home in Southhouse Farmhouse, Edinburgh. There were three domiciliary midwives  and pupil midwives living here. All employed by the Edinburgh Corporation.

In Southhouse June 1964
Sister Caswell with a baby that she delivered.
This baby was called Dale B. Croft (1962, Newington) and he was delivered by Sister Caswell. His second name is actually just the letter B. His parents were from America.
Midwife at southhouse, The baby is Jenifer Allen one of the midwives daughters – Muriel Allen (nee Taylor) ~1963/64