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St. Nicholas’s Hospital

Taken outside St Nicholas’s Hospital about 1958 (sometimes known as Newcastle upon Tyne City Asylum). It was in Jesmond and was a very big Mental institution. Nurse Elizabeth visited as part of nurse Pre-Training School (age 18/19).

Nurse Caswell (on left) with a member of staff from St. Nicholas’s Hospital

Pre-student nursing 16.5 started a taster in nursing at Shotley Bridge. Paid 10s/week. Wore a white dress, white apron, and a white cap navy cape with red lining, white hat, black stockings and black shoes. You were just skivvies really, made bed, cleaned lockers and screened, washed patients. An introduction to nursing, did night duty. Started training properly in the April when she turned 18. Uniform was blue with a white apron.