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Noria Barcard

One of the most memorable patients in Ethiopia was little girl called Noria/Nonia Barcard. Her foot had been fused to the front of her leg, she fell in the fire, which would have been in the centre of her hut. This photo was taken after treatment.We found her in Jijiga, and the Red Cross paid for her air fare to go to Addis Ababa so that she could be treated. The mother was amazing, she had never ever left Jijiga, she was nomadic. She got on that plane as if she did it every day. She didn’t turn her head, she just followed everybody else. We bought her the cloth that she is wearing. I slipped her some money and she picked up the bottom of the material and tied the note into the bottom of the material .She never said thank you, I just did it because I knew that she wouldn’t have any money in Addis. The little girl would have been able to walk after that operation.